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Minus A2

Minus A2

MinusA2 空気清浄機

An air purifier with a choice of contents and appearance


MinusA2 air purifier is a highly customizable product that allows you to choose the inner filter and outer design.

Cleans a 45 tatami space twice an hour with a total of 6 levels of 5 high-performance filters and negative ions.
One of the five filters can be selected by the customer from four types according to the concerns of the room.

There are 13 types of front designs that can be changed, and it can also be used as a wall hanging, so you can enjoy it as an interior decoration.

Customize filter

Choose according to your room concerns

A total of 5 filters are installed, and
one of them can be selected by the customer from the following 4 types according to their concerns.


bacteria customized filter

Designed to trap and reduce virus-carrying bacteria, mold and particles

  • Ideal for children, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems and those who are sensitive to airborne particles

Pet customization filter

Designed to trap and reduce pet dander and allergens

  • Ideal for households with pets and those concerned about pet odors and dandruff

Toxin customization filter

Designed to trap and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals

  • Perfect for offices and new or refurbished homes

Customized deodorant filter

Designed to trap and reduce odors from pets, tobacco, cigars, cooking, mold and more

  • Ideal for those who are concerned about various odors in the room

Six-stage air purification mechanism

Carefully selected filters

We are very particular about
filters, which are the cornerstone of air purifiers.
MinusA2 is equipped with 5 high-performance filters

Brushless motor

It's almost silent, so
you can put it in your bedroom

The core of the air purifier is the
state-of-the-art brushless direct current (BLDC) motor.
"Silent mode" driving is almost silent and does not disturb sleep

Sound of falling snow: 20dBA
Quiet mode operation: 25.6dBA
Sound of pencil writing: 30dBA

Quiet yet powerful

Because it is an American brand, the maximum purification area is 75㎡
2 ACPH* 1 (purifies the air in the room twice an hour) for general households,
4 ACPH for people with allergies or asthma
(Purify the indoor air 4 times in 1 hour) or more is recommended.

(45 tatami mats)
General household
(22 tatami mats)
For those with allergies

*1 ACPH (Air Change Per Hour): An index that expresses the number of times an air purifier can purify a room in an hour.
*2 A space with a ceiling height of 2.44 m

High sensitivity sensor

operation mode automatically according to air quality

Highly sensitive "odor and particle sensor"
Sensitively detects how dirty the air is
In "automatic mode", operation can be freely switched among
5 modes according to the air quality, so troublesome operations are not required.

MinusA2 自動モード

Automatically saves power,
Energy-saving design

Energy-saving as it is designed to automatically minimize power consumption
Already certified by the environmental labeling system "Energy Star"

Quiet mode operation: 7 W
Smartphone charging: 10 W
Fan “weak”: 10 W
Monthly electricity bill
"Silent mode"
24 hours operation

*3 TEPCO's metered lighting B 1st stage charge: Calculated assuming a 1kWh unit price of 19.52 yen (As of February 2019)

Energy Star認証

What is Energy Star certification?
An international index in which standards are set so that the top 25% of products with excellent energy-saving performance are eligible.

Wi-Fi model

Remotely control the
air with the app

Birth of a model equipped with a
Wi-Fi function while maintaining the appearance and air purifying function
Easy remote control from the app
You can operate it even when you are out without getting up from the sofa

Technical Data


Room air is drawn in from 360 degrees around the front panel.

Clean air is exhaled upward from the upper back of the air purifier.

Product size

MinusA2 SPA-780J
Weight 8.8kg
Power cord 284 cm
Purification area*1
・General household*2
・Persons with allergies

Power consumption 7-61W
Operating sound 25.6-51.3dBA
CADR (clean air supply rate) Pollen: 200
Dust: 193
Smoke: 180
Wi-Fi connection (iOS/Android) SPA-780NJ only
Power 100V

*1 A space with a ceiling height of 2.44 m
*2 2 ACPH (cleans the air in the room twice an hour) for ordinary households, 4 for those with allergies or asthma ACPH (purifies the air in the room 4 times per hour) or higher is recommended.

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