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About Rabbit Air

An air purifier developed for welcoming babies

Rabbit Air is an air purifier brand from Los Angeles
This is a product developed by the founders of
for their own babies, with great attention to quality and design.

MinusA2 空気清浄機

Rabbit Air commitment

#1 Filter performance

We thoroughly pursued an air purification system to create a space where our precious family can spend time with peace of mind.
Equipped with a high-performance filter that has been developed through trial and error.

#2 Powerful but quiet

In order to quickly clean the space, it has a powerful air volume and a wide cleaning application area.
It is designed to reduce driving noise and power consumption.
It won't disturb your sleep and is kind to your wallet

#3 Sophisticated design

Because it is for everyday use, I wanted it to be "not overstated but stylish".
We have also taken safety into consideration so that children do not get hurt. Automatically powers off when the front panel is opened
Not only functionality but also appearance has been thoroughly pursued

Our Mission

Rabbit Air is committed to
design, product development, and customer service. We will continue to lead the air purification industry by making full use of innovative approaches.

Our History

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