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BioGS 2.0

BioGS 2.0

BioGS 2.0 空気清浄機

Beautiful 360° curved air purifier

The BioGS 2.0 air purifier is characterized by its unique curved shape.

Designed by Guto Indio da Costa, a Brazilian design firm with 40 years of experience in architecture and industrial design.
It has received many design awards, including the GOOD DESIGN Award and the red dot design Award, for its stylishness that makes it hard to believe that it is a home appliance with no protruding buttons.

Three high-performance filters and negative ions in a total of four stages, cleansing a 35 tatami space twice an hour


Won many design awards
Beautiful and functional model

Designed by Guto Indio da Costa, a Brazilian design company with 40 years of experience in architecture and industrial design
It was born after much trial and error.
The concept is "flow"


* Top left "Good Design Award (G Mark)" (Japan Institute of Design Promotion)
* ​​Middle left "Red Dot Design Award" (Nordrhein-Westfalen Design Center)
* Middle right "German Design Award Special Mention" (German Design Council)
* ​​Far right "Chicago Good Design Award" (Chicago Architecture and Athenaeum Museum)

No protruding buttons or letters
Stylish control panel

By lightly touching the main power button in the middle, you can switch the operation mode, etc.
With the front cover attached, the text is hidden, only the icon and the lamp are displayed.
It's obvious if you remove the front cover

BioGS 2.0
BioGS 2.0
BioGS 2.0
BioGS 2.0

Simple white or
Vitamin color accent color

You can also enjoy accent colors based on white
Which color suits your room?

Four-stage air purification mechanism

Carefully selected filters

We are very particular about filters, which are the cornerstone of air purifiers.
BioGS 2.0 is equipped with 3 high performance filters

Brushless motor

It's almost silent, so
you can put it in your bedroom

The core of the air purifier is the state-of-the-art brushless DC (BLDC) motor.
"Quiet mode" driving is almost silent and does not disturb sleep

Sound of falling snow: 20dBA
Quiet mode operation: 22.8dBA
Sound of pencil writing: 30dBA

Quiet yet powerful

Despite its small size, it can purify a maximum area of ​​58m2.
2ACPH*1 (purifies the air in the room twice an hour),
People with allergies or asthma We recommend 4ACPH
(cleans the air in the room four times in an hour) or higher.

(35 tatami mats)
General household
(17 tatami mats)
People with allergies

*1 ACPH (Air Change Per Hour): An index that expresses the number of times an air purifier can purify a room in an hour.
*2 A space with a ceiling height of 2.44 m

High sensitivity sensor

Automatically select
operation mode according to air quality

Highly sensitive "odor and particle sensor" Sensitively detects how dirty the air is
In "automatic mode", operation can be freely switched among 5 modes according to the air quality, so troublesome operations are not required.

BioGS 2.0 自動モード

Automatically saves power,
Energy-saving design

Energy-saving because it is designed to automatically minimize power consumption
Already certified by the environmental labeling system "Energy Star"

Quiet mode operation: 5 W
Smartphone charging: 10 W
Fan “weak”: 10 W
Monthly electricity bill
"Silent mode"
24 hours operation

*3 TEPCO's metered lighting B 1st stage charge: Calculated assuming a 1kWh unit price of 19.52 yen (As of February 2019)

Energy Star
Energy Star Certification
An international index in which standards are set so that the top 25% of products with excellent energy-saving performance are eligible.

Technical Data


Room air is drawn in from the sides and bottom of the front panel.

Clean air is exhaled upward from the upper back of the air purifier.
BioGS 2.0 空気の流れ

Product size

BioGS 2.0 サイズ
BioGS 2.0 空気の流れ
BioGS 2.0 SPA-625J
Weight 7.62 kg
Power cord 185cm
Purification area*1
・General household*2
・Persons with allergies

Power consumption 5 to 39 W (Energy Star)
Operating sound 22.8 to 50.4dBA
CADR (clean air supply rate) Pollen: 180
Dust: 165
Smoke: 154
Power 100V

*1 A space with a ceiling height of 2.44 m
*2 2 ACPH (cleans the air in the room twice an hour) for ordinary households, 4 for those suffering from allergies or asthma ACPH (purifies the air in the room 4 times per hour) or higher is recommended.

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