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Description of Super Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon is made from the following carbonaceous raw materials:

By heating charcoal to extremely high temperatures, the pores are opened, increasing the ability to remove gases and organic compounds.

Rabbit Air's Super Activated Carbon Filter is made from natural materials such as coal and coconut shells, so it has a very high purification effect. What do these natural ingredients have to do with air filtration?

  • The high carbon content allows for thorough absorption of contaminants.
  • The purification ability lasts because of its high durability.
  • Abundant natural carbon and fine pores absorb even small impurities.

Mechanism of Super Activated Carbon

Super activated carbon has a very large internal surface area due to its porosity, and also has the characteristic that impurities bind to the pores of the activated carbon due to electrostatic attraction and chemical adsorption. Once the pore binding sites are full, no more impurities can attach. Rabbit Air is able to absorb odors and chemicals through the use of carbon-rich raw materials.

Due to its high porosity,

The surface area of ​​1 gram of activated carbon is

5,392square feet

The surface area of ​​10 grams of activated carbon is

It will be the size of an American football field.

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