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Caring for your A3


Frequency of filter cleaning and replacement

filter Exchange Cleaning Cost
Prefilter No need to replace, can be washed with water Every 3 months
Medium filter Every 12 months* None Included in filter kit (¥12,950)
Super activated carbon filter Every 12 months* None Included in filter kit (¥12,950)
BioGS HEPA filter Every 12 months* None Included in filter kit (¥12,950)
Customize filter Every 12 months* None Included in filter kit (¥12,950)

* 1 year: When operating 24 hours a day

How to clean A3

Please clean the air purifier according to the degree of dirtiness of the air and usage conditions.
For stubborn stains, use a damp cloth if necessary. Please refrain from using commercial detergents

  1. Wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth
  2. Clean the outlet with a soft brush
  3. Remove the front panel and use a dry cloth or soft brush to remove any accumulated dust.
  4. Clean the "air quality sensor" on the right side of the air purifier with a dry cloth or soft brush.

Cleaning the pre-filter

*Be sure to turn off the power before cleaning or replacing the filter.
* Filter life may vary depending on usage conditions.
*Reset the filter indicator after cleaning or replacing

[Icon lights up]
When the red filter icon lights up, it's time to clean. (Every 3 months)

  1. Remove the front panel from the main unit
  2. Set the handy vacuum cleaner with the nozzle or brush attached to low operation to suck up the dust attached to the pre-filter.

If the pre-filter is not clean enough after vacuuming, wash it with water following the steps below.

  1. Remove the pre-filter from the filter case
  2. Put the pre-filter in a basin filled with lukewarm water and wash gently for 2-3 minutes until clean.
  3. Rinse the pre-filter with water and wipe off excess water with a towel
  4. Leave to dry for 12-24 hours
    *Make sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back into the filter case.

[Reset lighting]
With the front panel removed, long press the filter icon to turn off the icon and reset the reminder

How to replace the filter

[Blinking icon]
When the red filter icon blinks, it is time to replace the filter. (every 12 months)

  1. Remove the front panel
  2. Pinch the handle* at the top and bottom of the center and remove the filter case. Place the removed case horizontally on the floor
    *Handle: see illustration
  3. Pinch and pull the two tabs* on the top left and right of the filter case to remove the pre-filter.
    *Tab: see illustration
  4. Do not discard the removed pre-filter Can be reused after cleaning
  5. Discard the 4 filters other than the pre-filter You can easily remove the filter by turning the filter case upside down. Please follow the rules of each local government for disposal.
  6. Purchase a set of 4 new filters, Please keep the pre-filter and filter case in a safe place until you receive them.

    1. Remove the wrapping wrap
    2. Install the filters in the following order Filters are labeled with numbers and names
      Make sure the label is facing you and put it on top

      • 1. Customized filter

        Take it out of the box labeled "Customized Filters"

      • 2. BioGS HEPA filter


      • 3. Super activated carbon filter


      • 4. Medium filter

        The filter does not have a frame and is attached to the Velcro of the activated carbon filter. Align the four corners tightly

      • 5. Pre-filter


    3. Return the filter case to the main unit
    4. Attach the front panel

[Blink reset]
When a new filter is installed, the icon disappears automatically and the filter life is reset.

*If the icon does not disappear even though the filter is installed, check that the filter is installed in the correct orientation. If it does not disappear after confirmation, please contact or 0120-152-952

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