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A3 (Acely) is the product with the highest capacity. Compared to the previous model, the power consumption, operation noise, and body size have not been increased, while the purification area and CADR have been enhanced.

It has won the GOOD DESIGN award and the iF design award, and has a simple but stylish design.

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MinusA2 is a highly customizable product that allows you to choose the contents and appearance.

One of the five high-performance filters installed is one of four types. You can choose your favorite design from among 13 types of front panels.

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BioGS 2.0

BioGS 2.0 (BioGS 2 Point O) is characterized by a unique curvilinear form.

With no protruding buttons, it was highly praised for its stylishness, which you wouldn't expect from a home appliance, and won design awards such as the GOOD DESIGN award and the red dot design award.

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