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Wireless FAQ

How to connect the air purifier to Wi-Fi

  1. First, install the Rabbit Air app on your smartphone
  2. Please register If you have a Rabbit Air account, please log in
  3. Press "Next" to proceed to connecting the air purifier If you have a registered air purifier, select "Product Registration" from the menu
  4. Enter the serial number on the back of the air purifier or scan the barcode/QR code to read it
  5. Use the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone/tablet or the WPS button on your router to connect to your home network.

Connect using a smartphone/tablet ( Watch video )

  1. Press and hold the "Air volume/Wi-Fi" button until the Wi-Fi indicator blinks
  2. Wait about 15 seconds until the Wi-Fi indicator blinks slowly If you are using android skip to step 4
  3. *Customers using Apple products: Leave the Rabbit Air app and go to the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone/tablet. Select any network starting with rabbitair_ and return to the app
  4. Wait for the app to connect with the air purifier
  5. Once connected, enter the name and password of your home Wi-Fi network
  6. Set the location and name of the air purifier, and when the connection to the network is completed, the setting is complete.

Connect using WPS button (Watch video )

  1. Follow the app instructions
  2. Make sure your Wi-Fi router has a WPS button (often on the side or back) )
  3. Press the WPS button
  4. Press and hold the air volume/Wi-Fi button on the air purifier
  5. Set the location and name of the air purifier, and when the connection to the network is completed, the setting is complete.

For inquiries, contact toll-free 0120-152-952 or

Home Wi-Fi network not found

SPA-780NJ model only supports 2.4GHz network If the router and air purifier are far apart or blocked by a wall, the connection may be affected. Set up as close to the router as possible

I don't know how to set the schedule

You can manage the power on/off and air volume every hour from the "Schedule" app If you change the air volume or mode by operating the app or the main unit, the schedule will be turned off.

I don't understand the light settings

You can set the air purifier's LED settings in 3 levels using the app

Turn off all lights

Turns off all LEDs regardless of room brightness

Automatically turn on with light sensor

Mood lights and indicators controlled by light sensors Turns on when the room is bright and turns off after 3 minutes when it gets dark

Turn on all lights

Turns on all LEDs regardless of room brightness

Air purifier not responding to apps

Check if the air purifier's Wi-Fi indicator is on If it was off, reset your Wi-Fi router and reconnect

If it is turned on, you may be connected to a different network than the app's connection destination. Connect the app and the air purifier to the same network

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