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My air purifier
is beautiful to work with.

"A3" is a more powerful version of the popular MinuaA2 model. The
features “customizability” (selectable filters and dress-up designs) are inherited as they are, and the main body design has been renewed.
In addition, without increasing power consumption, operating noise, or body size
, we have strengthened
the purification area and CADR, which are extremely important in terms of air purification capacity.
It is truly a "beautiful to work" air purifier.

Matte texture and beautiful curves
Simple design

Stylish and convenient
Control panel

An air purifier cannot be effective enough if it is relegated to a corner of the room.
You can put an air purifier like the interior.
Familiar with your room, yet stylish. I pursued such a simple and sophisticated design.
The stylish control panel is easy to operate with a single touch. It can also be operated from the app via Wi-Fi connection.

Decorate the "painting"

The front panel of the A3 air purifier can be easily changed.
There are 4 types of painting designs in the "Artist Series". (More will be added in the future!) You can enjoy it as if you were really decorating it with art.
Why don't you make your precious room one rank higher?


Wall mounting
Various ways to place

The air purifier placed in the center of the house should be one of the interior decorations.
There is a high degree of freedom in how to place it, and I want to match it to the customer's taste.
A3 can also be hung on the wall, and it can be hung up or down.
"Downward" makes it possible to install it in a high position like an air conditioner.

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