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Review by S HarpoleNovember 30, 2017

Best air quality
First of all, as long as your budget allows, the Rabbit Air air purifier is the best choice. Currently using the second I have an autoimmune neuromuscular disease in my eyes, chronic sinusitis, and 3 pets, so air quality is a non-negotiable for me. The first Rabbit Air was purchased more than seven years ago when he was not sick It was love at first sight People who come to our house notice the difference in the air immediately and enjoy watching the sensor display change as it catches cooking particles, pet hair and dander. When Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida, a power outage knocked out our air purifiers, but the next morning, all nine of us experienced a very different air. It was obvious how much Rabbit Air is usually useful for health Think of it as a gift to yourself and why not take a breath of fresh air yourself?

Review by Patrick November 25, 2017

High quality and effective
When I went to see an allergist for the first time in my 47-year life, I was already aware of it, but the doctor told me that I was allergic to everything else, including the trees tested, pet dirt, dust mites, various types of hay, and so on. was broken My doctor recommended removing all the carpet in my house and replacing it with flooring. But I can't afford that kind of money, so I decided to purchase Rabbit Air's MinusA2 The first thing I thought when I opened the delivered box was the quality. A very well made air purifier with multiple filter settings that are easy to set and quiet to operate. Furthermore, I haven't had any seasonal allergies since I purchased it in July. Cleaning the pre-filter is easy, but needs to be done monthly Highly recommended air purifier When I have the money, I plan to buy another one for my bedroom.

Review by Bob RNovember 18, 2017

clean air
Since getting the Rabbit Air air purifier, my husband and I have noticed how much cleaner and less dusty our bedroom air is. Of course, I didn't wake up with a cough, and I was able to sleep soundly. I will highly recommend this product to my relatives and friends

Review by roy*****September 24, 2017

I tried using it in the living room for a month, but it's completely different from the amount of dust in the room I'm not using. All the furniture is dark brown, so dust should stand out, but I had to remove the dust once or twice in a month. When I grilled the meat, I was sucking in the smell with tremendous force. If you inhale at maximum, you will be concerned about the sound, but you can tell that you are inhaling well, and if you return to normal, the sound will not bother you at all. If I get a bonus, I will buy a second one for my bedroom!

Review by Michelle ASeptember 11, 2017

best air purifier
I have an autoimmune disease and have purchased other purifiers in the past. this It's not that it was bad, but it was to the extent that I thought it was something like this Rabbit Air I had heard of the product, but was hesitant because I thought it was too expensive. that So, when I looked into various other things, the topic of Rabbit Air came up each time, so now I'm Decided to start reading reviews like you read "Better not to buy" I didn't see any bad reviews such as "It doesn't work at all" so about a year ago I took the plunge and decided to buy This is the best investment you can make in your health Already acclaimed is It works better than expected So, in addition to the first one installed on the second floor, we also installed one for the first floor. I have just purchased one If you have allergies or respiratory problems, or if you have a virus Well worth buying if you want It's been a year since I bought my first one.", Filter is still using the same Satisfaction guaranteed with Rabbit Air air purifier

Review by Eric SAugust 10, 2017

Ideal Purifier
We have been working with air purifiers for over 40 years. Two of them were self-made in the 1970s with assembly kits (Heathkit GD-1003). I myself have chronic asthma, and I once took care of my grandparents who were sickly with respiratory problems. My latest machine is the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 and it's overall the best I've tried so far.

Other purifiers I currently own include a Blueair 402 and an IQAir HealthPro Plus, as well as a Rabbit Air BioGP SPA-582A (now discontinued) purchased 8 years ago that still works perfectly. is up and running Now I have a purifier in every room in my home that I use all the time. I also tried a centralized method that cools, heats and cleans the entire house, but I think the current method is more efficient.

Blueair is quiet and efficient, but very expensive IQAir is medical grade effective, but very expensive and noisy It's too loud for everyday use, and not suitable for bedroom use, unless absolutely necessary. Rabbit Air air purifier is the overall winner for constant use

Review by Amazon CustomerAugust 7, 2017

Good design and performance, very satisfying to own
bought the white
We use 2 Panasonic air purifiers and 1 MUJI air purifier.

About air purification
As we are specialized in air cleanliness, we think that performance is very good Sensitive sensor that responds well to dust and odors

It claims to be super quiet, but to be honest, I didn't find it particularly quiet. However, the sound of the wind and operation was constant and stable, and I didn't mind it because it was like white noise. No rattling or unpleasant propeller noises I think this is proof that the body is very well made.
In addition, the power-on and setting sounds during operation are very pleasant, giving it a luxurious feel.

◆ Design
It is cool because it has been selected for the Red Dot Design Award. The overall texture is good, so the real thing is definitely better than the photo The cord is wrapped in cloth and is beautiful, but it is a little thin and unreliable

It seems to be made in Asia, not America, but I think the manufacturing accuracy is not bad. Doesn't smell like plastic

◆ Usability
Just let it run in basic auto mode Attachment and detachment of the front panel is a magnet type and is comfortable It does not come off easily, so it is safe even for small children. There is no child lock, but there is no problem because the physical button on the main unit is only the power switch The remote control can also be stored in the main unit, which is very convenient.

Compared to Panasonic, which is easy to use but has a poor design, and MUJI, which only looks good, I was completely satisfied.

Review by Helen RMarch 23, 2017

Can I give you more stars?
I bought one to put near the bird cage for my pet parrot Over the last 25 years, I have used at least 4 expensive air purifiers ($350-$700). I use an air purifier all year round for my 20 year old parrot and the BioG 2.0 is by far the best I've used. When the product arrived I couldn't wait to switch it on I wanted to check what was on the filter after a few days, so I placed the purifier about 60 cm away from the birdcage, and first tried to operate it manually at maximum speed. I could see the dust particles being sucked into the purifier. It was when the sunlight was shining into the room, so it may have looked even better. I also like how the dust that tends to accumulate on the floor is sucked in from the lower part of the purifier. Clean air blows out from the top of the back side of the purifier to circulate the air. I'm satisfied not only with the appearance of the purifier, but also with its very good performance, so I don't really care about it even though it looks like a fire extinguisher.

I realized that the frequency of cleaning around the bird cage decreased for 2 days. While cleaning, I noticed that a small, soft feather was sucked in from a distance of about 20cm from the lower part of the purifier. Then two days later, I took the purifier outside to see what it sucked. Surprisingly, the top filter had large feathers and a lot of fine dust. The second filter (activated charcoal) had even smaller particles, but that's where the dust got to. There was nothing attached to the third HEPA filter I tapped the 3 filters lightly to remove dust, then cleaned them with a vacuum cleaner and returned them to the purifier. Our parrots make the room quite dirty, so now I try to check the filter once a week, but it takes about 1 minute even if it takes time. i think it's perfect design To speed up the air purification process, you may use a handheld small cordless fan to circulate the air in the room. It only takes about 10 seconds to raise or lower curtains and blinds

On the other hand, there is one thing I don't quite understand When I started using this product, I think the air in the room was quite dirty, but when I set it to automatic operation, it automatically switched to the lowest speed setting and stayed that way for an hour. I think that it should have sensed quite dirty air if it was originally So when I turned on the ion function, the air became 100% odorless. I can barely tell that the ion switch is on because it has a light, but otherwise I don't think you would notice

Despite my expectations being modest, this product has performed extremely well in the 5 weeks since I purchased it.

two more things i want to say 1) This is not a free trial product I bought it myself without knowing what it would do. 2) I have never written such a long review

Review by kin*****February 14, 2016

The air in the house becomes cleaner
For several years, 3 adults and 3 children (ages 4, 7, and 10) have been suffering from symptoms such as bronchitis, nosebleeds, eye pain, allergic rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis.
One of them developed chemical hypersensitivity, so he switched to soap instead of detergents in the house and thoroughly wiped down the walls and floors, but he still could not remove the chemical substances (floating in the air) that had permeated the walls. buy an air purifier for
I heard that PlasmaCryster is not good for chemical hypersensitivity, so I decided on [Bio GS2.0]
In order to clean the air in the whole house (4LDK?), I ran it at full capacity for 24 hours after arriving.
After 3 weeks of using [Bio GS2. came Children's visits to hospitals are declining
[Bio GS2.0] makes almost no noise when used lightly and does not disturb sleep
The switch operation is simple and clear, there are no unnecessary functions, and the filter is easy to clean and easy to handle.

I purchased it after carefully comparing and examining air purifiers from various companies, but I am very satisfied.

Review by xgc*****December 24, 2015

Arrived quickly
I use it 24 hours a day, but I like the quiet operation and the rounded design.

Review by DanNycMarch 22, 2015

This is my second purchase My first purchase was the previous version and it's been running non-stop for 8 years and still works great. I live in a small apartment in New York City and have two exotic shorthairs and two small dogs. I bought this for the first backup. If possible, I would like to give this design seven stars. really cool design I especially like brands that give me peace of mind about quality, and Rabbit Air is one of those brands for me. After seeing how I was doing, the person living across from me bought a more expensive model, and the person living upstairs bought the same model I bought for the first time. everyone is happy

Review by JBFebruary 14, 2015

The best air purifier I have ever used The price is a little high, but it's worth it As other reviews have said, it works automatically when your dog walks by. This company's customer service is better than any other company I have ever dealt with. Even if there is a problem, they will respond more than expected

Review by One and Only OSeptember 24, 2014

This product is very quiet and removes odors from the air quickly. My room is right next to the kitchen, and as soon as I'm making something in the kitchen, my room smells of oil and smoke, so I can really tell the difference. I had the same problem in my previous apartment but didn't have an air purifier so I had to wait with the window open or ignore it But now, when I turn on the Rabbit Air, any smell from the kitchen is gone within 20 minutes (I close the door when it's on). Moreover, there is no need to set it to the highest speed, and about 3rd is enough. I don't know what the room would have smelled like if I didn't have an air purifier, but I suspect it would have smelled like charred food mixed with rotting chicken/salmon/bacon oil. increase

Review by Kevin L.September 1, 2014

I bought one Because…
・Because the people downstairs smoke (the smell comes up to my room)
・My apartment is an old building and the floor is carpeted (I want to remove dust and odors)
・Because I have a puppy
I bought a BioGS 2.0 550 a month ago after reading many positive reviews and have not been disappointed since. A little pricey but worth it Don't be disappointed by buying cheap Immediately after purchase I noticed a big difference Smoke smell from other dwellings is gone, dust is less, and the pre-filter catches more pet hair. I will buy another one today for my bedroom (I moved it between the living room and the bedroom every night.)

Review by RonFebruary 18, 2014

I have used various brands of air purifiers over the years. Some were noisy, had weak airflow, and were not capable of completely "purifying" the air. But Rabbit Air's Bio GS 2.0 is different Rabbit Air has all the functions The quietest air purifier I have ever used Detects the air in the room and automatically adjusts the speed according to the space you want to purify. I don't want to replace an expensive air purifier that costs twice as much. It was really good to purchase

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