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\Rabbit Year 2023 SALE/

Thank you all for your hard work in 2022.
The coming year 2023 is the year of the rabbit !
We have prepared a small sale
to express our gratitude.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve.
Rabbit Air staff

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*Due to the winter holiday period, the product will be shipped after 1/4.

Our air purifier
is beautiful to work with.

Rabbit Air HEPA Filter

Rabbit Air's “BioGS™️ HEPA Filter” is an improvement over conventional HEPA filters and is composed of a unique static-charged fiber material. In addition to the JIS HEPA filter standard of "collecting 99.97% of 0.3μm particles", it also collects 99.99% of even smaller 0.1μm particles .
In addition, with general HEPA filters, captured bacteria and allergens may grow if they remain on the filter for a long period of time. Since it has the effect of reducing and inhibiting the growth, it is possible to extend the filter life while maintaining a high filter effect.

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Rabbit Air Activated Carbon Filter

Rabbit Air's Super Activated Carbon Filter is made from natural materials such as wood, coal, nuts, and coconut shells, and is safe and highly effective in purification.

  • High quality with hard materials By mixing
    with carbon-rich natural materials, it becomes a high-quality activated carbon that is harder and has an ultra-fine structure.
  • large surface area
    Ultra-fine structure = surface area that absorbs odors is very large, and 1g of activated carbon has a surface area of ​​about 500㎡.
  • High durability
    Hard activated carbon is highly durable Therefore, the state with high purification ability can be maintained for a long time. let it last.

By using plenty of high-quality activated carbon chips, the deodorizing effect of the entire filter is further enhanced. The super activated carbon filter weighs 417g.

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Rabbit Air air purifier

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