Filtered for your comfort
In goes the eye-reddening, sneeze-inducing nasties, out comes cool, clean air. Five filters, tested.

Expensive, but so quiet, and the pulsing mood light makes the RabbitAir MinusA2 look like a W hotel accessory ($460 at rabbitair.com).

The Kid-Friendly Air Purifier
Air purifiers as advanced as the MinusA2 tend to look high-tech or institutional-rarely adorable. Thankfully, RabbitAir launched a unit last week featuring Paul Frank's ubiquitous monkey, which means your kids can breathe clean air without feeling like they're in a semiconductor manufacturing plant. Roughly the size of a box fan, the MinusA2's ventless facade and wall-mount option make it as much a canvas as an appliance, yet it doesn't trade performance for cuteness. Enlarge Image Paul Frank air purifier Boyle + Gardner for The Wall Street Journal Despite the slim profile, it packs in active-carbon and antibacterial filters as well as a HEPA filter that is like a venus flytrap-it has chemically treated fibers that literally dissolve trapped dust mites and other airborne detritus, according to the manufacturer. And while the MinusA2 has plenty of horsepower (a sensor can automatically crank the fan to turbo when the air is dirty), it also features a "silent" mode so quiet your baby's breathing will drown it out. $590, rabbitair.com

Extra Credit: Are your circles...
Red or swollen?
Allergies could be to blame. Histamines, released after exposure to allergens, cause blood vessels to dilate, resulting in puffiness and more prominent dark circles. "Any sinus irritation will cause blood vessels to become more visible," Brandt says. If a daily antihistamine such as Claritin isn't enough, sleep with a superhero air cleaner like Rabbit Air BioGS Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier that traps airborne allergens-an ELLE staffer saw drastic improvement in her symptoms after just one night with a Rabbit Air running.

Rabbit Air Art Series Air Purifier

As cigar enthusiasts, we appreciate cigar smoke, but we recognize that others disagree. So we use air-purifying appliances that filter the air, but may savage the decor of a room. Instead of cracking open a window or installing a ceiling fan, we suggest a more elegant solution: Rabbit Air's MinusA2 Air Purifier Artist Series.
Rabbit Air has married clean air with art. The MinusA2 unit ($550), slightly larger than a regulation chess board at about 21 inches square, can purify up to 815 square feet of space and can even be hung on the wall with the help of a mounting kit, sold separately. To encourage this, Rabbit Air has created the Artist Series panels that feature the well-known Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt and The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai.

The MinusA2 is neither a clunky smoke eater nor a puny fan, but a quiet, energy-efficient machine that sucks in smoke and transforms it into negative ions, particles that are said to help alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost a person's energy.

This process begins when you push the power button on the remote and send the company's patented Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC) into action. The motor operates under five different speeds, silent to turbo, and the absence of brushes means MinusA2 runs between 25 and 50 decibels, the equivalents of a library whisper and a normal conversation.

The smoke will then travel through five different filters, including one customized for cigars that is made of activated charcoal, a texture proven to trap and eliminate smoke and cigar odors before they are then emitted as negative ionic air. The machine's filters need replacing every one to two years, depending on usage.

Ease of use, namely the MinusA2's Auto Mode, is what really sets this machine apart from other purifiers. When in Auto Mode, a sensor automatically adjusts the motor's speed according to how much smoke is in the room. An air-quality light indicator on the front of the machine, matched by a more visible Mood Light, shows blue if the air is clear and changes to red when heavy amounts of smoke are detected.

These panels add a bit of style to this already sleek machine, and that's something that not even the uninitiated can argue. Visit rabbitair.com.

Rabbit Air offers a sophisticated answer to stale air with the release of its Artists Series MinusA2 air purifiers, featuring images by Gustav Klimt, Katsushika Hokusai, and original designs by Rabbit Air's own creative team. The only air purifier designed to either stand alone or be mounted on the wall, these ultra-thin, ultra-quiet five-speed units feature six-stage filtration, an activated carbon filter to fight off odors, and a choice of customized filters specially engineered to trap or reduce different types of pollutants, such as toxins or odors. Starting at $479, units condition up to 815 sq. feet. www.rabbitair.com

The new couple will receive plenty of stemware and appliances for their wedding. Give the gift of health with the Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier. Built with versatility in mind, the MinusA2 is a mere seven inches deep, and looks completely chic. The purifier has a six-stage filtration system and a selection of three customized filters to accommodate a wide range of allergies and health needs. The MinusA2 retails for $459.95 at Fry's Electronics. Call (714) 378-4400; www.rabbitair.com

Breathe Easy
While we love the idea of an air purifier, we are constantly dismayed by the looks of them. Until these Rabbit Air numbers came along, Not only are they gorgeous filters: one for dander; one for mold and bacteria; and one called a "toxin absorber" to trap and eliminate VOCs. An added bonus: a brushless motor keeps noise to a minimum. $549.95, www.rabbitair.com

Get High-Tech Help
You spend the most time in your bedroom, so keep an air purifier there. "They're important for people who have allergies or asthma because they filter out impurities that can make breathing difficult," says Vincent Pedre, M.D., an integrative physician in New York City. "But purifiers are beneficial to everyone; anyone can develop a bad reaction if they're exposed to allergens over time." Try Rabbit Air's BioGS 582A Air Purifier ($399; rabbitair.com) which removes more than 99 percent of dust, pollen, and more.

Clear the air with a HEPA filter, which removes allergens. Studies show that air quality indoors is often worse than outdoors. The MinusA2 purifier is sleek (20 inches tall by 7 inches deep), can be whisper-quiet, and covers 800 square feet ($550, rabbitair.com).

Purifying Genius
Air purifiers aren't supposed to look good, right? Wrong. The Rabbit Air MInusA2 model destroys germs and allergens, and is superquiet, eco-friendly and stylish to boot. Prices start at about $460 for a unit that covers 700 residential square feet. www.rabbitair.com

MinusA2 by RabbitAir
Designed either to stand alone or be mounted on a wall, this new air purifier is a versatile and attractive addition to your home. $459.95, rabbitair.com

Certified asthma & allergy friendly, the MinusA2 HEPA air purifier includes a six-stage purification system, odor-fighting carbon filter and it will quietly clean a sizable space. The machine's sleek profile doubles as décor, especially when upgraded with the Artists cover series. $489.95-$579.95 at www.rabbitair.com.

Unfiltered indoor air contains poorly vented clothes-dryer particulates, dust, mites, and, uh, dust-mite droppings - all of which can create respiratory issues as well as headaches, dizziness, and a general feeling of lousiness. So treat yourself to an air purifier. The ones made by Rabbit Air run silently and can be tucked out of view.